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Builderall vs Kartra (2021)

Builderall vs Kartra

Builderall and Kartra seem to be two very similar tools. Both provide the same set of features, are priced very low (compared to the competition), and claim to be all-in-one solutions to manage your online business. The truth, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of this. There are a ton of differences between these two software which are extremely important to understand before making a final choice.

This article will explore the primary features of Builderall as well as Kartra and brief you regarding which software is better with which feature. And by the end, you will definitely gain clarity of which out of these two is a better option for you. Let’s begin with an overview of both the tools.


Builderall was founded by Erick Salgado back in 2011. It has seen three major updates since then, the latest in October 2020 which marked the launch of Builderall 4.0

Builderall Homepage


Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins co-founded Kartra in 2018. It is a product of Genesis Digital which is also the company behind the famous software WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Kartra Homepage

1. Buiderall vs Kartra: Page Building

Page building is the most sought out feature in these all-in-one tools. Both Builderall and Kartra provide a drag-and-drop page builder so you no longer need coding skills to build stunning web pages. Gone are those days. In today’s world, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping elements.


Builderall’s page builder is a little different from most of the other page builders. There are no sections or columns. You can drag and drop any element anywhere just like on a graphic. Although this might make the page building process a little more convenient for some people, it makes the pages less responsive which means that the design might cut or break on some screen sizes. And that looks really unprofessional.


Kartra has one of the best page builders currently available on the internet. It comes with more than 500 proven-to-convert page and section templates created by marketing experts. From advanced A/B testing to scroll heatmaps, Kartra has everything you want in a page builder.

Winner - Kartra

Unlike Builderall, pages built in Kartra adjust themselves very well to different screen sizes and hence are a lot more responsive. Also, it has some of the best templates, elements, and analytics that you won’t find in Builderall. As a result, it is the clear winner.

Builderall vs Kartra - Page Building

2. Builderall vs Kartra: Email Marketing

An email list is an asset that you truly own. Social media following and search engine rankings are something not completely in your control, but nobody can take away from you the list of people who have voluntarily chosen to hear from you or your brand. This is why it is one of the best marketing strategies and a lot of businesses are looking for tools to help them implement it in a better way. Both Buiderall and Kartra come with an email autoresponder known as Mailing Boss and KartraMail respectively to help you with the same.


Mailing Boss is a fine tool but it does not come with a lot of advanced features. It is good for beginners who have basic requirements like sending newsletters, creating sequences, and managing contacts but may not be able to meet the expectations of large enterprises and expert marketers.


The ability of KartraMail matches with some of the best and specialized solutions out there like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc. KartraMail allows you to create the most advanced and complex automations easily and quickly. It is one of the few tools that provide you the Visual Sequence Builder. The lead and customer relationship management system also comes with a lot of options.

Winner - Kartra

Not only do you enjoy a set of higher-level features with KartraMail, but you also get a better deliverability rate as compared to MailingBoss and it is one of the most important factors in the success of any email marketing campaign. If your emails are not reaching the inbox, the open rate declines sharply which adversely affects the performance of your campaign.

Builderall vs Kartra - Email Marketing

3. Builderall vs Kartra: Membership Sites

Anyone can access the content on your normal website but in the case of a membership site, you can limit it to only the “members”. It is similar to a gym or a club membership where the customers need to pay for entry. You can create membership sites with Builderall as well as Kartra no matter which plan of theirs you are subscribed to.


Builderall is capable of creating simple membership sites but it does not offer many features that might be needed by top-level coaches, trainers, and course creators.


Kartra membership sites come with more features than average that make the experience of both the creator and the consumer a lot better.

Winner - Kartra

Even though Kartra might not be one of the best choices for creating membership sites, it provides more features and convenience than Builderall. For the best alternatives, you can look at Teachable, Thinkific, or Podia.

Kartra Membership Sites

4. Builderall vs Kartra: E-Commerce

The end purpose of every marketing campaign is to get more sales because that is what brings in revenue. Sales are the lifeblood of every business. Profitability is the next chapter. No organization can sustain itself without regular sales and cash flow. E-Commerce is the process of getting sales online for which both Builderall and Kartra provide you a lot of features.


Builderall is literally filled with a ton of E-Commerce features. Upsells, downsells, order bumps, several different types of checkouts, and much more. Integration with Woocommerce and Magento makes it one of the best E-Commerce platforms out there.


Even though Kartra has got some amazing E-Commerce tools that allow you to generate more revenue with the same amount of traffic, there’s one feature that no other tool can boast of. It’s called Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM). It enables you to show different sections, elements, text, offers, etc. to different people based on their past behavior, interactions, and purchases on your website. You can guess how powerful this can be.

Winner - Kartra

Builderall is a great tool for E-Commerce with probably even a few more features than Kartra. It could have easily won this round if not for Behavioral Adaptive Marketing. It is just too powerful and to some extent even revolutionary.

Kartra Behavioral Adaptive Marketing

5. Builderall vs Kartra: Unique Features

Apart from the common tools compared above, there are a few features unique to both the software and have been listed below.


  • ChatBots
  • Blogging App
  • Webinars
  • Telegram Automation
  • Image & Video Editing
  • Facebook & YouTube Live Streaming
  • Much more


  • Support Helpdesks
  • Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM)
  • Affiliate Management

Winner - Builderall

It comes with a lot more unique features than Kartra.

6. Builderall vs Kartra: Pricing

For a lot of people, pricing matters more than the quality of tools simply because they cannot afford the best. So, it is an important factor to consider.


Builderall Pricing

See details here.


Kartra Pricing

See details here.

Winner - Builderall

It clearly provides a lot more tools at a price much lower compared to Kartra.

Builderall vs Kartra: Conclusion

As you saw, Kartra won the majority of rounds in this comparison and that too the most important ones. So, it is the clear winner and should be your first choice going ahead. In fact, in our research and experience, it is currently the best online marketing tool available on the internet. So, if you can afford its pricing which is quite nominal when compared to other quality tools, don’t hesitate to get your free trial now.

On the other hand, no matter if you can or cannot afford Kartra, read this blog further because Builderall has something very interesting for all. Firstly, if you are a beginner and find Kartra a little costly, Builderall is one of the best alternatives. It provides all the tools you need to get started at an extremely low price. Also, as you already saw that Builderall comes with a lot more features than Kartra, it can be used along with Kartra by those who can afford to purchase both tools simultaneously. Such a ton of features are difficult to find in one place and at such a low price.

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